A Little About Q Acoustic Subwoofer

Q acoustic is a very famous brand and not only it is said to be famous but this brand has won many awards. This brand is very much popular for its products of loud speakers. This company was originally founded by some of the very experts in the industry of the audio. Their purpose was to introduce such brand whose only purpose is the manufacturing of world’s best loud speakers. The q acoustic is not a new company but it has been serving in the field of audio industry for over the last 10 years and with every passing year this brand has continued to manufacture the highest quality products.

One of the very famous product of this brand is the q acoustic subwoofer. This brand launched a series of the loud speaker known as the q acoustic subwoofer. These series consisted of 2000 and 3000 q acoustic series speaker. The one of the very famous and popular hit model of this series is the Q acoustic 3070S. This loud speaker is tower speaker and consist of 6 and half inch driven units. It has an amplifier which is very much powerful than the sony amplifier used in other loud speakers. This amplifier is designed to support the power of 140 watts. The loud speaker is designed to support the bass sounds and not only is known for playing sounds with bass but is also equally famous and perfect for various kind of movies or soundtracks.

This powerful loud speaker has twin speakers which is designed in a perfect way to actually reproducing all the sound effects of the movie and this will give you a real theater kind of feel in your very own living room. This loud speaker is not just designed to reproduce the high frequency notes and not only suitable for producing the loud bass and noise sounds but it is actually very good for low sound music as well. All the sound effects in the movies that are on a very low frequency level is also captured and handled very well by these q acoustic subwoofer. The series of the q acoustic subwoofer has a model 2070S which is one model before the 3070S has won the award.  This won the award because of its unique design and that it made use of twin cone concept rather than one single cone. This twin cone is used to produce the very depth of the sound.